About Us

About Us

This is About Animes, Games and Culture

Yuknime is the leading multi-platform media company for the whole generation. Our vision is to become place that you can share and know about animes, games, and culture.

I founded Yuknime on 10th January 2018, I started with a vision : to share and give some news and some interesting about animes, games and culture for the whole generation that loves it. Yuknime from Indonesia and we will bring something that can be positive on the society.

Since the begining, I wanted Yuknime to become a 100+ years old sustainable company that was born from the digital revolution. This site start from news about animes and then become to share about games, reviews about animes, manga, manhwa, manhua, light novels, novels, and culture of japan.

Yuknime can no longer rely on a single platform (website) to attract readers. This site has to keep adapting and creating content on the platform thats readers prefer. Yuknime has to be everywhere.

All writers and editors who are in yuknime will always try and provide the best news and articles for our loyal readers. Yuknime is now also on Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Yotube, and Twitter.

Yuknime will be a place where entertainment lovers gather, discuss or do exciting things. This site has grown into more than just news and articles.

Now, let's continue working on what we believe and are passionate about. Let's focus on building a company that can inspire millions of generations that love the animes, games, and cuture. We hope can make real positive impacts on the society. Let's keep doing great things together. Let's keep moving forward until we achive our vision.


Ryan Dwiky Atikabudi
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